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DC Motor Instructions 直流电机使用注意事项
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1. When you use a motor, not bondage thing, such as adhesives do not after rotation axis inflow bearing prejudice to the operation of the motor.

2. The axis of rotation of the life of the motor may have the opposite effect, for longevity, check whether you load goods in accordance with the provisions of, not ultra-load, or the shaft end prejudice rotation of items hanging.
3. Manufacturing the heavy radiation eccentric load, harmful motor life.
4. Do not stored at four weeks of high temperature or extreme humidity, do not place corrosive gas, causes the motor effects reduced.
5. The motor Please do not operation in the surrounding high temperature and humidity.
6. Power the positive and negative terminals of the motor to be solder, soldering iron temperature of 340 ° C ± 40 ° C, the heating time less than 3 seconds, not the plastic deformation work, so the the solder point into the motor or broken wire ends, this would allow the motor functionrecession.
7. Not to allow the motor shaft stuck, when the incoming power, motor overheating will make in a short time, and burned their accessories.
8. Due to lack of technical staff, the motor in case of manual mentioned things, or the face of it obviously is negligence, is unable to guarantee the quality.
9. Supply that power, sure can be measured within the requirements.
10. Pulleys or gears of the installation, in the press-fitting is not abnormal aggravated.
11. Mounting the motor when the screw is too long, can cause contact between the motor itself and the rotor, will affect the characteristics.