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Micro-Motor Industrial consolidation time is coming
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Global Micro motor Marketing distribution: Recently, electric equipment institute –micro motor of China published the economic data of micro motor from last year, which shows that indicators like output, sales, and gross profit of the industry relatively grew substantially. At the moment, China has become the biggest micro motor manufacturing base in the world. 

In China, there are a lot of competitive micro motor manufacturers at home, through changing management mechanism, innovating management system, now this industry has a strong comprehensive strength and good brand reputation in the market. In the last few years, many enterprises invested a lot of money for technical reform, adopting foreign manufacturing equipment, increasing product stability and quality. The ability of new product development increased obviously, and generated volume productivity.
A rapidly expanding scale in marketing Learned from authorities, the number of employee in 772 micro motor enterprises reached 200,000 last year, industrial output value reached 67.464 billion, increased its year-on-year by 30.04%.; sales revenue was 65.13 billion, increased its year-on-year by 28.23%; export delivery value was 24.806 billion, increased its year-on-year by 13.97%; rate of industrial product sale was 96.54%, rate of new product was 10.02%, rate of export delivery value was 38.09%, the industrial added value rate was 25.07%, total asset profit margin reached 6.74%, which has 104 loss-marketing enterprises, deficit scale reached 13.47%, and deficit value was 2.33 million According to the data provided by customs head office, the import quantity of micro motor reached 19.87 million unit, increased its year-on-year by 8.96%; total amount was 8.64 million dollars, increased its year-on-year by 16.27%; export volume was 177.23 million unit, increased its year-on-year by 25.46%; total amount was 22.4 million dollars, increased its year-on-year by 41.99%. Position from the distribution of micro motor, enterprise in coastal areas grew especially fast, mostly concentrated in the Pearl River and Yangtze River and Bohai Rim area. 
From the current developing situation of the trade, we have strong competitiveness in industrial supporting and comprehensive production capacity, but there is still a large gap between us and developed countries. We are the biggest micro motor manufacturing base in the world, there are many micro motor manufacturers in China, most are small and medium-sized, reflecting that China micro motor industry is large but not strong enough. At this point, we still need to make concrete efforts to improve on it. Absorb competitors’ wisdom, cast away the indifference.